Training of Security Personnel

With the rising levels of insecurity, there is need to deter, detect and handle crime in the best ways possible in the prevailing circumstances.

Bomiso invest with a wider knowledge on surveillance, intelligence, gathering and detection of crime before it happens which leads to its control or detection if at all it happens is also our priority.

Crowd control and management of large gatherings e.g. Political Party rallies, Churches, Weddings and Seminars requires well trained personnel with the necessary skills for handling any eventualities.

We do offer on job training of those important skills on security at a competitive fee. Prior arrangements are paramount for psychological preparedness.

Our areas of concern includes;

Roles, Rules, DO’s and Don’ts, Characteristics of a good security personnel, How to handle a crisis among other circumstances.

Physical Security Consultancy

Entails: Expert advice and measures undertaken to Deter, Detect, Delay and Deny unauthorized access to facilities ,equipments, resources and protect personnel and properties from damage, theft and harm. We offer training to organizations, corporates and individuals to beat the emerging security trends and create awareness.


  • Physical security plan – provides an objective perspective in the existing security policies and procedures to assist in identifying loopholes, developing new and improving on existing strategies/policies to beat the emerging security trends in the 21st century.
  • Physical barriers– includes electric fences, walls,vehicle barriers etc.
  • Deterrence methods– includes warning signs, restricted access, security lighting etc
  • Intrusion detection and electronic surveillance – e.g CCTV, alarms, personnel etc
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