Beauty Therapy

Bomiso invest has been diversified to include beauty therapy which incorporate the wellness of hair and skin care.

Bomiso invest is a shortened form of Body, Mind and Soul, Investment will be incomplete if we only cater for mind and soul without including the health of the body’s largest organ, the skin and key to pride of the women which is the HAIR. In the beauty industry we deal with products that deal with maintenance of a smooth skin and beautiful hair with its variety of styles.

We deal with hair relaxers, texturizers, naturals, treatments, hair foods/hairdressers , moisturizers, polishes, edge gels, shampoos, conditioner, hairsprays, leave in treatments and activator gels, styling gels, foam wrap lotions, hair dye just to mention a few.

As for the face and beauty care to look flawless, smooth and glowing, we deal with facial scrubs, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, body lotions, body creams with Aha for a youthful skin.

With all of the above together with other services offered here in, Bomiso complete the true definition of an all rounded individual in body, mind and soul.

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